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Hada Química
CucaHQ with her keyboards and her voice has enchanted audiences at many places in Europe. She is an authentic artist.
They played live, during the exhibitions using video sequences and images mixed as supporter and performer.
Their talent and influences fuse to create a different sound, impregnated with a rich patchwork of pop-rock music and other sonorities.
Marcos Manzanedo
His excellent voice and great presence on stage make Marcos a great phenomenon in the current Spanish music scene.
Record label
"PrideField Records" is a recording & live productions company based in Germany. The head office of the label is located in Cologne and the first local office in Zaragoza, Spain.

We do live productions with our artists in both countries, promoting and selling music, believing strongly in their talents and opening a music bridge between Europeans.

HighQualityMusic/HQM from different genres.
Music is Culture & Comunication.

Hada Química
New album "Tierra Amor" of Hada Quimica
The new album of Hada Quimica "Tierra Amor" is available now. You could buy it in Amazon website (, you'll love it!!
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Interview with CucaHQ on the TV program "Bulevar" (Antena Aragón)
The interview has been released in Zaragoza, when celebrating the event "Día del Emprendedor 08" in Zaragoza, on last May 9th.
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