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Hada Química
CucaHQ with her keyboards and her voice has enchanted audiences at many places in Europe. She is an authentic artist.
They played live, during the exhibitions using video sequences and images mixed as supporter and performer.
Their talent and influences fuse to create a different sound, impregnated with a rich patchwork of pop-rock music and other sonorities.
Marcos Manzanedo
His excellent voice and great presence on stage make Marcos a great phenomenon in the current Spanish music scene.
Derivando’s project started in 1995 since the meeting between Stefano Celti, a bassist during the ’80 with bands inspired to english pop music of those years and Andrea Soldani, keyboardist (organ diploma) interested to the fusion of the musical languages.

At the moment the performer is Andrea Soldani.
The first album “Landing on the New Age” was released in 1997: atmospheres and wide compositions by Derivando and produced by Garbo. Working with Garbo was the beginning of a strong collaboration in some of his records as musicians, authors and producers.
- Up the Line (1997) - Grandi Giorni (1998)
- Blu (2002) - Giallo Elettrico (2005)

Derivando also published two remakes of historical songs:
- “Computer Love” (Kraftwerk) included in the compilation “2000 e Oltre” (Isthar Ed. 1999)
- “Tainted Love” (Gloria Jones) and Soft Cell’s hit in 1981 published by Virgin Music (2002)

The most recent Derivando’s work “Looking for a star” composed by Derivando and produced by Derivando and Garbo. Derivando played live, during the exhibitions using images and video-sequences mixed by them and participated in Garbo’s concerts.
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